Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Endangered Husky

I have been desperately trying to find more information about this South African creature, so far the only piece of information available was the above advert. But now finally we can take a closer look at one example here at:

So it turns out that Iran wasn't the only country blessed with the pick-up version of Arrow, the mighty Paykan Pick-Up, the South Africans had their own version called: Dodge Husky! In comparison to the Paykan version, it has thicker B-pillars and the body-side follows the Hunter sedan character lines. The above car has been modified obviously, but it is very exciting to know that at least one example is in running order over there! :)

Extra, Extra Special Thanks to my dear friend Reza! without him this Blog would come to a screeching halt! Reza-jan Dastee Shooma Daard Nakooneh Azizam!...

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