Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Moving Facade

Found this in my archive, it is most likely from Tehran.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

NZ Lowrider

Love it! Found it over at oldschool.co.nz
For a bit more about the New Zealand's Hillman Hunters you can also read my other recent post.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Pierced Arrow

Yazd, Iran. Photo by: MastaBaba

Cherry Singer

Found another Singer Gazelle! Special Thanks to pyntofmyld for the brilliant photo! It was taken at the 2011 Chiltern Hills Rally.

Count The Paykans#23

Photo by: toshu2011


Another rare Sunbeam Hunter spotted in Sweden. The taillights are not original, and I don't believe the grille badge is correct either, but nevertheless a great find! Thanks to brandsvig for the photos.

Post Correction: The grille badge is indeed correct, believe it or not, they were used on early the models only.
Special Thanks again to my friend Reza for the correction, your are my savior! Agha Mokhlesim Doobareh!

Old & Newfangled

Tehran, then and now. By: Nader Davoodi

Theater of Blood

From 1973 movie Theater of Blood.
Registration: JLA 574K
Date of First Registration: 03 09 1971
Cylinder Capacity: 1498CC

The Paykan Is My Shepherd

Even though I drive through the valley
of the shadow of death,
I fear no evil;
for You are with me;
Your five-bearing con-rod and Your seat, they comfort me.

Photo by: BehnaZzz

Ralph Look-alike

The Hillman Hunter was one of the last cars assembled by Todd Motors in Porirua, New Zealand. This photo was taken at the Southward Car Museum by chestnutgrey. Chestnutgrey's brother had a friend who had a Hunter just like this one, it was nicknamed Ralph!

In New Zealand the Hunter was "up-marketed", this is the GL model which carries the Humber Sceptre/GLS front Headlights and Grille. The last model year Hunters in the UK also had the same front-end, which were badged as Chrysler Hunter by that time.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Paykan Overload#15

Photo by: Kombizz

High Grade

1967 Hillman Minx advert.

Paykan Lowrider#33

British Broadcasting Corporation

I have fantastic news!!! PaykanHunter has been featured on BBC site. They ran a feature on Paykan on their main page and used photos from this blog, check it out!

Special thanks to Amir Payam from BBC for contacting me, and crediting me in his article.

Maxustaxus' GLS

The most powerful Hunter was the Hillman Hunter GLS with the dual-carburetor Holbay engine, which had up to 110hp! This beautiful example belongs to maxustaxus.

In Iran the GLS was called Paykan Javanan (youth).Both the GLS & Javanan are rare as hen's teeth these days.

Update: Actually the Paykan Javanan powertrain was based on Hillman Hunter GT, and the early Javanans looked very similar to the Hillman GT, but the later Javanans exterior was changed to be more like Hunter GLS. Hope this all makes sense now! ;)

Sliced Tomato

Photo from: TehranG

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Elegant Arrows

The Rootes Arrow Series is being referred to by the name of its most prolific model, the Hillman Hunter. But Rootes Group launched the series with 4 Brands (Hillman, Singer, Humber & Sunbeam).

Starting from the entry models like the Hillman Minx & Singer Gazelle, then moving up-market to the Hillman Hunter & Singer Vogue, and then finally to the posh Humber Sceptre MKIII. Then they re-badge all of the above as Sunbeams for the export market, like the Sunbeam Arrow for the US.

…and then toward the later production years the Hillman Hunter was renamed as Chrysler Hunter (I know that your head is spinning by now but I’m almost done here bear with me...), so then you add Paykan and the Dodge Husky pickup (sold in South Africa only) to the list, the total comes to 7 different Brands! Now that is one remarkable Badge-Engineering achievement, isn’t it? ;)

Taxi to Nowhere

Photo from: cjb22

Red Craze

H registration (August 1st 1969 - July 31st 1970) Singer Vogue.