Saturday, October 27, 2012

BMW Power!

Holy S***!!!... This must be a rocket!... Although I wished it was done as a genuine GLS with its magnificent Holbay engine, but it is hard to argue with more HP!...

Count The Paykans#63

Saint Sarkis Cathedral, Tehran during 1970s.


A Hillman Minx spotted in a photo taken in Sandown, Isle of Wight in 1980 by a 12 year old then geccove


Apologies for lack of posts recently. As some of you know I am in Tehran at the moment! What an amazing city!... There is so much happening here, it has changed so much since my last visit years ago. I have done a lot already, taken loads of photos including Paykans ofcourse! ;) Be patient while I be uploading them here and up on Flickr in the upcoming weeks.

Last week I was in the west-side trying to figure out how to get home, was going to catch a bus or something when I saw a Paykan Taxi yelling for passengers, I hired him as "Darbast" (closed-doors) that is when you negotiate a price with the driver to your final destination, cause taxis here work like a bus they pick up other passengers along the way. Morteza was a hard working middle aged man, after checking the radiator we took off. He works between 8-10 hours daily with his Paykan and I can not begin to tell you how grueling that is in the unbearable Tehran traffic! We had a lovely chat along the way, obviously he was very surprised to know that I do own one of these creatures myself, I gave him my card, he was going to ask his son to look up my blog, he was not internet savvy.

Morteza told me that they are going to decommission all Paykan taxis in the near future, so catch one now before it is too late! :(

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Oh Dear...

Taken in New Zealand by NZ Car Freak 

Paykan Overload#39

Rally Puncture

Fantastic shots of the Corgi No.302 by Kelvin64