Friday, July 26, 2013

M Power Revisited

Back in October last year I had a post about this car, here are some more photos. Personally I would have kept this Hillman Hunter GLS all original, but you can never argue with more HP!... Photos are from fryske

Khashayar & Nader

My dear friend Khashayar has been promising me to find these photos for years, and here they are finally, him and his bro Nader!
They were taken during an epic road trip that started in Iran with their parents and their 1967 Paykan (1346 Iranian calender). They traveled throughout Europe and returned back to Iran, the car performed brilliantly with no trouble whatsoever. Top and bottom are Bulgaria and Yugoslavia and the middle one was taken in Marseilles, France. Notice that awesome green transit plate on the car.

Khashayar the photos are absolutely brilliant mate, it was worth the wait, what sweet memories you must have from those times. Thanks for sharing them with us!...


Edinburgh, Scotland September 1975. Photo from KiwiGippy. Can you spot the Arrow?

Hello Kitty!

Photo from Saeid.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Brown Arrow Update#2

My first post about this Humber Sceptre goes back almost 2 years ago. Wilko220 has finally got the car back from the paint shop and the result is just beautiful. It is not finished yet, he is after a place to have the vinyl roof fitted, and the interior still needs some attention, but I want congratulate Wilko for rescuing such a fine example.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Colombo to London Overland...

An example of an early Paykan with the round headlights (Hunter MKI/Minx style). Notice the larger badge on the grille also.
The photo was taken by Bruce Thomas during his incredible journey in a Fiat 600 Multipla! back in 1969 from Colombo, Sri Lanka to London.
This is the Imam Reza Shrine in the city of Mashhad, Iran. Check out his other amazing photos in this set: Colombo to London Overland 1969.

Pure Topaz

A 1976 Hillman Hunter Topaz. Topaz was a special edition done in this color only, not many left and this being a fine example. Top photos from  Trigger's Retro Road Tests! bottom photo by Bob Lovelock

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Anglo-American Whispering

Photo by me taken in Niavaran, Tehran last fall.

Møllenberg's Hunters

Photos are from the incredible Municipal Archives of Trondheim and were taken near Trondheim, Norway.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Monday, July 1, 2013

Tree Fruit

N Reg. (1 August 1974 – 31 July 1975) Hillman Hunter GL. Photo by Old Banger.