Friday, November 30, 2012

Yellow Perfection Revisited

I received these photos from Les the owner of this Yellow Perfection, what a beauty! Les bought this Hunter GLS in 1974, and was his regular road car for 11 years, he then restored it 20 years ago, did all the work except the painting.  Les I became a GLS fan after watching Bernard Unett racing them at Mallory Park in 1972/3. More about Unett and GLS racing later.

Gates of Dawn

Special thanks to araz for the photos. 

Yellow Husky

Another example of the endangered Dodge Husky. This was a South African model only, and the only pick up version from the Arrow series apart from the Paykan Pick-Up of course. In comparison to the Paykan version, it has thicker B-pillars, body-side along follows the Arrow sedan character lines, has a different back window, rear door and taillights  This is the second example that I have found so far, for more info please visit my other post here.

The above car is for sale in Durban, South Africa.

Paykan Convertible#5

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Golden Royal

1971 Hillman Hunter Royal 660 which was an Australian model only. Yet another proof that the Arrows were very popular among young and sexy blonde women! ;)

Paykan Lowrider#73

Forgetting Things Revisited

A 1977 Hillman Hunter spotted by stephen trinder taken in Christchurch, New Zealand. Had another post about this car here.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

To Isfahan...

Photo taken by mohammad nemati around Isfahan.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Photo from Humber Hillman Car Club of New Zealand. The 200,000th car to be built at the Todd Motors assembly plant at Petone, New Zealand. Driving the Hillman Hunter is Norman Thompson, an employee of Todd Motors for 46 years when this photo was taken in 1973.

Also check out my other post regarding Todd Motors assembly line in Porirua, NZ.

Mud Crawler

London Cabbie

You got love Massoud's enthusiasm, he purchased this Humber Sceptre a while ago and had it totally redone and painted in a bright orange Paykan Taxi style!... This being a comprehensive Chrysler/Rootes Arrow series blog, I had to make a post about this Tehran Taxi in London, even though I am a purist when it comes to cars; I like originality (Paykan Taxis were never in Sceptre trim, they were very basic). For more check out this nice video and also this interesting article and slide show over at JadidOnline.

Massoud is planning to use this orange cab for charity work and I salute him for that! I'm sure he is putting a lot of smile on Iranian's faces over in London.

Agha Masoud Damet Shooma Garm!!!... Please post more photos on your FB page and let us know what your routes are in London so we can catch an orange cab in our next visit! :)

Children At Work

Brilliant artworks from a Rootes accessories brochure, images provided by my good friend Ian. Featuring some of the Arrow series models: Sunbeam Rapier, Humber Sceptre MKIII, Singer Vogue, Hunter MKI, and Hunter MKII. I didn't know Rootes were involved in child labour! ;)

Paykan Lowrider#72

For you XJ lovers out there! :)

Dunlop C41

Check out the vintage Dunlop advert from couple of post before. Seth just sent this photo, when he bought his wagon the spare wheel was a C41. Thanks Seth!

Hassan The Locksmith

Had to make some duplicate keys the other day, and just couple of miles down the road in Niavaran look what I found! :)

Sunday, November 18, 2012

All Five Of 'em!

Vintage advert for Dunlop, featuring the Singer Gazelle.

10 Days Old...

Brand spanking new Paykan Pick-Up spotted yesterday. The owner picked it up 10 days ago, check out the new bigger bumpers, fancy headlamps, ABS system, new and improved brake booster, and whatever that fuel injection contraption is above the engine!.... You might ask whats up with the calk-gun?...

Well already the new owner was making some badly needed improvement! So here you have it, a 45 year old body (Paykan being in production since 1967) matted with a 42 year old engine that was first fitted on the Hillman Avenger, rolling out of IranKhodro's factory in Tabriz.  Amazing no?...

Friday, November 16, 2012

Huntsville-Madison Airpot

Check out what I bought on Ebay! A Sunbeam Arrow parked next to a Lotus Elan at the Huntsville-Madison County Jetport located 15 miles from Huntsville, Alabama. My guess is photo was taken between 1969-70.

Perhaps the Arrow driver had an affair with the Lotus driver, and off they flew somewhere romantic. ;)

Paykan Overload#41

Photos by taken by me near Tajrish Square.


GTRdaan found another Hillman among his slides, this time a Hillman Minx (MGM 937G), his dad bought them as they were built at Linwood, Scotland and he felt he was supporting the local car manufacturing.

Final Encore

Final Encore was a group exhibition which was held at a house in Tehran. An old house that is waiting to be pulled down. Artists have gathered to pay a last tribute to No.29 Ordibehesht St. as a representative of historical houses of this city.

For the past 25 years or so thousands of early to mid-century homes have been demolished for new developments in Tehran, it is very sad indeed to witness this destruction. I was so blown away by this exhibition and wanted to share it here; in one of the rooms they were projecting some lovely vintage films from the family who owned the house and of course I could spot some Paykans! :)

Few days ago I sat down with Joubeen and Sogol (residents and organizers of the event) at No.29 Ordibehesh St. and we had a lovely chat about the house and car-culture in Iran, they were so kind enough to provide me a copy of the family footage so I could go through them and fish out the Paykans! :)

I found some interesting examples, perhaps a Paykan Javanan with the optional non-functional hood-scoop, and a very early Paykan with the Singer/Sunbeam front grille.

I want thank Sogol & Joubeen again for their dedication and enthusiasm. Somehow though I'm still hopefull that this lovely house survives the wrecking ball!...