Wednesday, June 8, 2011


This is the rare Hillman GT, hurriedly put together by Rootes Group to capitalize on their unexpected 1968 London-Sydney Marathon win! Photos by: thermionic

I also had another post about this same exact car here.

Update: Notice that this car was simply called "Hillman GT", they didn't use Hunter.


  1. Hillman GT was October 69 to August 70 only, based on Minx interior so poverty level as stated. The tombstone seats were genuine fit and only used in UK for this GT. This car has been slightly tidied away from true GT spec (no side stripes, interior retrimmed from original all black vinyl, front grille was originally all black) and I don't think this dirty porridge colour was GT. But dashboard with rev-counter in pod, badging, and Rostyles are perfect. Did not sell well because interior was too basic.

    It was replaced in Sept 70 by Hunter GT - basically just an interior upgrade to normal Hunter level (now renamed Hunter Super) and normal seats, dashboard etc; no C-pillar logo or side-stripes and the grille finish stopped being all black (the grille on this car shows has Hunter GT finish).

  2. Here is a link for "Paykan Javanan"

    I think this is the same as Hillman GT except the front lights etc.

    And a picture of a newer Paykan: