Sunday, November 20, 2011

B&W Topaz

The Hunter Topaz was a Limited Edition of 1500 sold in the late 1975/1976. All had: Copperbeech metallic, Vinyl roof, Rostyle wheels, Push-button radio, Fawn brushed nylon seats, Servo-assisted brakes, Side repeater flashes, Overdrive, Inertia reel seatbelts. Photographed next to an Imp Caledonain, at the Rootes design studio courtyard in Coventry.


  1. Surely all of these Arrow Series have Servo assisted brakes!

  2. I'm afraid not, that was optional when the Arrow series first came into market, not sure at 75-76 though when they introduced the Topaz, I would say by that time you needed that to be standard feature!

  3. So, exactly which spec. was NOT fitted with Servo-brakes? An "acquaintance" of mine has a 1968 (February) Singer Vogue, which I believe is considered to be in the lower spec. half of the Arrow range, and that has Servo. brakes. Perhaps the Hillman Hinx didn't have Servo.?