Monday, April 2, 2012


This is a 1968 Hillman Minx that has gone through some transformation, notably the rear lights which are from not so popular Triumph Dolomite. The Dolomite unlike Hunter didn't carry any motorsport pedigree whatsoever! It was a dismal attempt by British Leyland who were trying to compete with the mighty Rootes' Arrow series!

Photos are from: UKPASEOCLUB he found out this:
"I ended up having a lengthy chat with the owner. The car carries a fantastic story. Long story short this owner bought it in '73. After driving it for a good time, it was then laid up due to starting to get a bit rusty. After some time he decided, once retired, to restore it. He has done little bits and pieces to make it more of his own. This car is a fantastic credit to him."

All the above info is true, except the bit about Triumph Dolomite! Happy April Fools' Day! ;)


  1. You can never have too many mirrors!!!

  2. How many world famous transcontinental epic rallies did a Dolomite win? None. Zilch. Diddley squat. Not a sausage. Sweet Ford Anglia.

    1-0 to the Hunter.