Monday, May 25, 2015

GT's Youngest Fan

Photos are from Leuft and this is what the GT's youngest fan has to say about their Arrows:

"Hillman GT (BRT 705H): 
I loved this car back then. Overdrive manual gearbox, Rev. counter (!), Twin carbs, High-backed front seats and Alloy wheels. All quite remarkable in a 1970 family saloon! I'm gutted my dad got rid of it way back in the late '70s / early '80s or whenever.  We lived near Great Yarmouth and would go up to Hull at least once a year in it to see me grandparents. I loved travelling in it. I want another one.

Hillman Hunter Estate (NVG 219P):   
I was disappointed with this compared to the Hunter GT we had had previously.   A nice colour for a 1977 car though. Note that the GT wheels had been carried over from our previous car. I think that it was my idea to swap them over and for some reason my dad listened and asked the garage that part-exed it to do so.  I remember seeing the GT for sale on the forecourt of the garage after we had part-exed it and I was so gutted that we didn't have it anymore."

Thanks for sharing the photos with us Leuft. I hope you find a nice GT soon, but they sadly are as rare as hen's teeth! :/

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