Thursday, May 5, 2016

O Canada!

Recently I received these precious photos from Stuart in Canada. Here what he has to say about these Arrows:

"I finally located the photos of the two 69 Sunbeam Arrows that I owned many years ago while I lived in London, Ontario. The dark blue one was purchased used in Feb. 1978 (scrapped about 1986), it was the base model with no chrome trim and rubber mats. The rusty white one was purchased in the early 1980s (scrapped in 1988), a mid-trim model with outside chrome trim, carpets. Both had the cheap plastic dashboard. Unfortunately, I never did own the deluxe model that had the wood dashboard. The white car had backup lights mounted to the back bumper. The 1970 models had the rear backup lights mounted above the bumper, but below the tail lights, as well as side lamps front and rear."

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