Sunday, November 22, 2009

Hunter-Gatherer In San Francisco

I CAN NOT BEGIN to tell you how SURPRISED I was when got an email with these pictures from Phil!... He had stumbled into and wanted to tell me about his Sunbeam Arrow Wagon!...

Phil lives in San Fransisco bay area, and currently is restoring a 1967 Sunbeam Arrow wagon. This is his second Arrow Wagon, unfortunately he had to scrap the first one. According to Phil's research there were only 169 wagon version were sold in North America, including Canada. This makes the car an extremely rare example in the US.

This Arrow needed a major surgery to the A-pillars (Front Pillars), floors, and rocker panels. Phil had to make all the repairs himself. He believes that Hunters are tough as nails, and not terrible to drive, and plans on using his Wagon for rallying and camping.

I want to thank Phil once again for getting in touch with me, and wish him the best of Luck in finishing up the Arrow restoration!...

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