Friday, November 20, 2009

Richard West's 1970 Hillman Hunter

This is one Fantastic Hunter, I love all those racing modifications!.. Below you can read more about the car and it's Australian owner Mr. Richard West, from an article by Mark Hinchliffe of

"My wife was given the car by her great uncle and great aunt" he says. "They bought it new in 1970 for $1950 and had done 42,000 miles (67,500km) before giving it to her in 1990. "About 2000 I started in motorsport and that was the car I used. I just put in a roll cage and away I went." His father was also guest navigator for legendary rally driver Sting Blomqvist in 1978.

Over time West has become "quicker and better" and the car has gradually received more modifications as he moved into more "serious" racing. The historic category allows limited modifications, so the racing Hillman Hunter now has Koni shock absorbers; coil-over suspension at the front which is adjustable for castor, camber and height; a balanced and blueprinted engine; handmade extractors; handmade intake manifold; Cortina ventilated front discs; twin 45mm Webbers; and the four-cylinder 1725cc engine has been marginally rebored to about 1730cc.

It originally put out 53kW at the flywheel and now yields about 93kW at the rear wheels. "I was a laughing stock when I first turned up in the Hillman," says West. "No one had ever done it before. Plenty of people said they couldn't see why not, but plenty of people said it couldn't be done."

"I've had to plot my own way all the way. Over the years I've been getting places and winning. It's now a competitive car. No one laughs anymore," West says. "It's a good chassis to work on. But the Lucas electrics are a challenge; they call Lucas the Prince of Darkness."

"The UK motor and driveline are good at leaking oil and I'm not allowed under the rules to drop oil on the track so I've learnt how to stop it." West says the main advantage of the Hillman is that it is wide, and has good cornering speed. But I could do with more horsepower."

Best of Luck to Richard with his amazing Hunter!...

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  1. where did you get those tires and how did you get them not to rub they look bigger than 205