Thursday, February 18, 2010

Beige Wagon

Very clean example of MKI Hunter wagon, somewhere in the UK. This car reminds me of my Uncle's beige Paykan wagon he used to have in Iran. My cousin and I used to get in the back and enjoy getting disorientated by going forward backwards. I can still remember the car's horrendous rattles, which mainly came from the tailgate, it was so loose I was worried it could fly off at any moment and would leave my cousin and I clinging to nothing but the carpet back there, imagine that! ;)


  1. Cute story ;-)


  2. Yes, Jamie, I agree. I love it when Shahin puts himself into the HH picture! Without that, it's just another one of the thousands of HH blogs out there!

  3. I'm surprised you didn't fall asleep staring at this wagon. A boring color on a boring wagon.......can't wait to see what else I find in this site. A button collection on top of a Paykan hood, can it get any more exiting?!?!?

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