Friday, February 19, 2010

More Burgundy

I Have featured this amazing looking Paykan with basket weaves wheels before. This car is like a time capsule, it has all the correct badges and trim, just like how it left the IranNational factory before the Revolution.

The badge on the front door says Paykan, which means Arrow in Farsi. You non Farsi speakers, I guess you probably figured it out by yourself, didn't you? There is an arrow going right through it! :) After the 1979 revolution Paykans got de-contented, they lost most of their chrome and embellishments, so the older models are desirable and a clean one like this is very hard to find.
Ah... forgot to mention that the "Persian Rug" floor mats were not factory option. ;)

Special Thanks here to AmirPaykan for the photos. Agha Khielie Mokhlesim!


  1. That looks like the uk sceptre wheeltrims-pre 1973 uk type dashboard/grille etc too.

  2. What a amazing Paykan! Great contribution!

  3. The persian rug carpet mats are interesting! I smell a patent here! Look out Weathertech! Here comes Shahin shags!

  4. Agha Saalaare mashina ke migan eene haa. Makhsoosan ba oon farsha.
    aye val.

  5. That is a great colour - check out my Ozzie version on