Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Through A Hole In Time

Brilliant and very Funny article by Simon Charlesworth from dep-o magazine. Also you can read about possibly The Cheapest MOT Fix Ever! It is so assuring to know that this Singer Gazelle was rescued by a true gear head!

Good Luck Simon! And don't let anybody discourages you during the restoration process, rest assure that you have the support of all Iranians... well ok... maybe not all, but at least a few... :)

Oh.... and if you want know why Charlesworth is UNHINGED read this.


  1. Did he really use the term "sporty posh" to describe this car? And he's "indulging" in it?

    Either he's off his rocker or I'm completely missing something...

    Jamie ;-)

  2. If you have to ask.... you just don't get it!! ;o)