Sunday, October 31, 2010

Popular Hunter

By far the best looking car among the five. ;)


  1. Five cars.....I only see four!

  2. funny.!.I own this very mag in my attick in the was the very first edition of What Car?,Nov 1973, a publication which is still in monthly print...also, look at the selection, front L to R, GM Vauxhall VX/190, Leyland Austin Maxi, Chrysler Hillman Hunter, Ford Cortina MkIII, and Leyland Morris Marina...the Detroit 3; and Leyland competing against itself with 2 separate platforms...a product planning trajedy...!

  3. I wonder if the Arrow range should be classed as being as immortal as the Type 1 and Type 2 Volkswagens. The model seems to have been a current model since 1966 as the Bardo still seems to be a current model. Furthermore, it seems that the production of the Peykan saloon version might restart in the Sudan.

    Incidentally, I do believe the Fiat 124 was also first on the market in 1966. I wonder if this model has also, in effect, been a current model since 1966. After all, as the Lada Riva, it is probably still a current model in Egypt.

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