Friday, October 15, 2010


BARDO is the new name given to the Paykan pickup by Iran Khodro, and I'm really struggling to translate it to English, but it sort of means "Cargo Rusher"! The production line now has been moved to the western province of Tabriz, and according to official figures the factory could produce up to 30,000 units a year! It has a fuel injected Hillman Avenger engine with optional LPG.

So the goody good old "Hillman Hunter" could break the record for the longest produced car ever! It still got few more years to go, and from what I can see there are no plans to end the production anytime soon.


  1. You must be JOKING dude!!!...

  2. I think this is splended!!!! Let me have one of these legandary picups, or at least one or two of this new & imporoved Avenger engines to put in a real Hunter or my 1974 Avenger estate! Regards from Geir, a Great Rootes (& Peykan-)fan from Norway!