Saturday, November 6, 2010

Paykan Genocide

And here I was getting all worked up about one Hunter Topaz?! Look at this CARNAGE!!!... Shut Down that Claws of Death! Turn Off that Forklift! Put the Torch Out! For Heaven's Sake Man Drop that HAMMER!!!... Somebody Stop them please!!.. This is just too hard to witness... Leave those poor defenseless Paykans alone!!!... :@

What can you do?... The Government in Iran few years ago started giving incentive so that people could replace their old and worn out Paykans for, you guessed it right, KIA Prides and cars in that nature! This was mainly to tackle air pollution epidemic in most cities in Iran.

However these Brilliant photos were taken 40 miles south west of Tehran by: Ghader Agheli


  1. Horrible Scenes!...

  2. TRAGEDY! YES! But the only trajedy is that lovely SRL BMW 2002 waiting for a similiar fate! it has more soul than that entire endless ocean of feeble "arrows"...! :o(

  3. Great post. All things must pass.

    BTW Back in college I had a killer bumper toss too.

  4. time to live FINISHED :(