Friday, January 6, 2012

Killer Elite

Snaps from the 2011 movie Killer Elite, starring Robert De Niro.


  1. i'm confused - why is this car in a 2011 movie???

    and what's that white volvo mom-mobile looking thing in the last frame: ;-@

  2. it is a perios movie, or atleast has some flashbacks into the 70s, ans yes that is a Volvo 240! ;)

    1. That's as maybe, that "white Volvo mom-mobile looking thing" is clearly from the wrong period! Matt black door sash treatment was not applied to the 200 Series until the 1983 GLT! GOSH!

  3. yeah, well there's quite a big discussion on other auto related car sites about how wierd both the selection of vehicles, AND the nonsensical licence plates muddled with correct (UK) plates don't ring true !! It's filmed in a variety of odd locations, so I think some film crew just made up some plates with some stick on numbers !!