Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Malta's Preservation

This is Noel's 1970 Hillman Hunter in Malta. He acquired it 4 years ago from his father-in-law, whom had the car almost from new. It has taken Noel all these past 4 years to restore it, and as you can see the final result is just beautiful!
I asked Noel about the "Malta Badge" on the c-pillar, and to my BIG surprise he wrote that this was a Maltese assembled Hunter! I did not know that! ;@

You can follow Noel's threads over at RetroRiders 1970 Hillman Hunter & OldClassicCar Restoration on my Hillman Hunter.


  1. well done noel.good luck to you.nice results.

  2. merC merC.. waghaan Eival dare