Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Palmerston North Revisited

Found some more photos of that Palmerston North Singer Vogue post back in April. I absolutely love these photos and want send a Special Thank to MetropolisC5 for uploading them along with other photos of his many cars he used to own!

MetropolisC5 has kindly provided answers to my questions, so here are more details about the car:

Running In Sticker: "The sticker on the back was common-place in NZ at the time to warn other drivers that, as the car was new it shouldn't be driven at the limit until several thousand miles had been covered. Sometimes those words were followed by "Please Pass".

Blacked-Out Grille: "I was impressed by mid-sixties Chrysler products blackened grilles and as I saw some design cues with this car I found it fitting to do this. I didn't want to paint it as it would have made it too permanent and may have damaged the anodizing on removal. Electricians black insulation tape completed the shoddy job. This lasted just a few months, before I decided that it was very naff after all."

Door-Trims Lower Area: "The bottoms of the doors were finished in the same carpet as the flooring."

White-Wall Tires: "These white-walls were a 'clip-on' type which fitted between the tyre and wheel rim. The tyres of course were cross-plies, all that was ever fitted on NZ assembled cars at the time."

Also, "The back-up lights fitted, were not connected, and a payment had to be made for this."

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  1. yeah yeaaaah!!
    I realy love this handsome Singer !!

    thanx from shahin & metropolis.

    best regards, saeidKhasteh