Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Golden Vogue Revisited

I received a lovely email from Nigel the owner of that exceptional Golden Singer Vogue post back in January of this year.

Nigel wrote: "My family all had Hunter shaped Singer Vogues and the odd Humber Sceptres, so I grew up with them, infact I bought my uncle's 1967 Vogue when I first passed my driving test and have owned Arrow Vogues ever since.  Over the years I have had 23 of the cars including the Sherwood Green saloon that was on the Earls Court Motor Show stand when the model was launched in October 1966".

I am just stunned! 23 Singer Vogues so far? That is simply astonishing! And this Gold one has only 12k miles on the clock! Absolutly Brilliant! Thank you so much Nigel for the photos, you are truly an Arrowhead and I am so happy to get in touch with you! :)

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