Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Work of Art

I am very honored to write about this extraordinary art project by Anahita Razmi

"The Paykan Project":
The Installation “The Paykan Project” consists of an imported Paykan, the most common car in Iran and a mixed-media installation, composed of export papers, documents and a videoloop. In October 2010 I bought a used Paykan in Tehran and transferred it in a difficult two months overland journey from Iran to Germany. The Paykan originates from the British Hillman Hunter and is very rarely found outside of Iran. The iconic value, that is added to the car as soon as its crossing the Iranian bolder, constitutes an important element of the work. Additionally, references to the tradition of the road movie are drawn within the installation, that are furthermore linking contrasting contexts.

Coincidentally I meet Anahita here in Tehran couple of months ago, and we had a great chat about her project. I was also very pleased to know that my blog was a big inspiration for her! :) Her project was shown in Oldenburg & Berlin and currently it is at Kunstmuseum Stuttgart

Thank you Anahita for this fascinating artwork! :) 

Top photo By: Frank Kleinbach