Friday, July 19, 2013

Brown Arrow Update#2

My first post about this Humber Sceptre goes back almost 2 years ago. Wilko220 has finally got the car back from the paint shop and the result is just beautiful. It is not finished yet, he is after a place to have the vinyl roof fitted, and the interior still needs some attention, but I want congratulate Wilko for rescuing such a fine example.


  1. Thanks for the post Shahin. Very pleased with the result so far!

  2. I have to say that the panels are very straight...not sure about the chrome trim on the wheel arches...surely not standard equipment? Also, are those door mirrors from the British Leyland parts bin?
    I would love to see a Skoda S-110R being lavished with this level of meticulous attention.
    Cheers! Nikolai Derepravska

    1. Dear Nikolai Derepravska (AKA Clikolas Nift),
      The chrome trim on the wheel arches are indeed correct to the Humber Sceptre trim, I would expect from a regular visitor of my blog such as yourself, to know this by now! You could be correct on the door mirrors, and I think every single feeble Skoda S-110R should be sent tothe junkyard immediately! :)

  3. ...well, the joke's on you because there are no feeble S-110Rs, only mighty ones, as you'll see if you check their glorious history in 1970s BTCC...
    PS. who is this legendary Clickolas Nift you speak of?