Thursday, January 7, 2010


I never thought anybody would dare to attempt this again, I mean who would be crazy enough these days to drive from London to Sydney in a Hillman Hunter?! But this coming March, John Lewis & Barry Hawgood are going to do exactly that! and I can not be any more excited about this news and their EPIC journey! It has been 42 years since Andrew Cowan won the Legendary 1968 London to Sydney Rally, and that has been the inspiration for John & Barry to create this amazing Andrew Cowan Hunter replica. I can't wait to hear their reaction when they are traveling though Iran among all those Paykans! :)

I have a pledge to make here, John & Barry are doing this for a great cause, they are raising awareness for Cancer; please visit their website and donate if you can.

To all my Iranian readers: If you are interested in helping John & Barry out while they are traveling through Iran, please contact them via their website; at the moment they are looking for an invitation letter to expedite their visa process for Iran.

I wish them the Best of Luck in their Fantastic Journey!

Photos by: Trail Of Tears

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