Monday, January 11, 2010

Paykan In Los Angeles

Wow this is a surprise! This car belongs to an Armenian Iranian in Los Angeles. I'm guessing this was a Sunbeam Arrow, the imported version of the Hillman Hunter that was sold in the US by Chrysler in the late 60s early 70s. I'm trying to get more information about this car and the owner, I will post more later...


  1. Shahin...I would like to challenge anyone to say that you are not the World's premier authority on the PEYKAN/HH.!.If you offered a degree course, I would be first to sign up, together with a bunch of pretty girls seduced by your excellently worded and witty blog. You turn possibly the World's dullest car subject into compulsive reading! :o) Nic

  2. Hahahha!... Well thanks for the flattening comment my friend Nic! All I can say is that you aint seen nothing yet! Time for you to turn in your Lotus for a proper British Motorsport Machine a nice GLS! ;)

  3. Dude what an awesome ride in LA of all places. Imagine how many looks you would get...