Saturday, April 24, 2010

Masked Hunter

Starting from the top:
- 1966-76 Humber/Sunbeam Sceptre also very similar to Hunter GLS, and Paykan Javanan
- 1975-79 Hunter MK4/Sunbeam Hunter/Chrysler Hunter and Paykan

- 1966-70 Hillman Minx/Hunter, Sunbeam Minx/Hunter, and also Paykan Pick-up
- 1966-70 Singer/Sunbeam Vogue or Singer/Sunbeam Gazelle, and early model year Paykan

Missing in this picture is GLS, Hunter MK2 & MK3, and couple of Australian marks. So... your head is spinning by now, isn't it? Believe me, I'm still learning Rootes's Arrow body marketing schemes too, I'm thinking I can submit a PHD thesis on this. ;)

Photo is from Reza Amanatchi impressive collection.


  1. Yes, but which grille is best to barbecue me sausages on? :o)

  2. I prefer the last since it has three distinct cooking areas!