Thursday, April 15, 2010

GB2Aus Update#2

What a result!!!... My very good friends Sina & Sohrab got a chance to spend an entire evening with John & Barry in Tehran! I received these pictures from them yesterday, they had a great time together discussing many things. For dinner they went for some famous Kababs also! Yummy stuff! ;) It is great to see their Hunter made it all the way to Tehran, and I wish John and Barry lots of luck for the remainder of their Journey all the way to Australia!...

You can read their GB2Aus Blog, and also track their progress live here.

Special Thanks to Sian & Sohrab!!!... Daametoon Ghaarm Agha!!!...


  1. Glad to see they made it to Tehran without issue!

  2. Man this is incredible,
    Well done Shahin. I can't wait to speak to Sohrab and Sina about it next time I go to Iran.

  3. Wow, that is awesome!


  4. I see… Gabe finally manned up to put his real name down here!... :)