Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Majestic Setting!

Brilliant photography by Alireza Behpour, taken on Tehran's northern Alborz mountain range. These are rare early model year Paykans, in absolutely amazing conditions. The grille on the purple one I believe has been modified though, that car should have the Javanan (GLS) grille. Another fantastic series of photos by Alireza, I encourage you to visit his flickr set.

Alireza! Agha Dameet Ghaarm!...

Update: The front Grille on the purple car is actually factory installed, IranNational used to offer the Javanan with that grille also.


  1. These photos are amazing!Alireza Behpoor is photographing for Machine Mag in Iran too!
    I like your blog and checking it all the time!It's nice to see people who appreciate Paykan :)

  2. These are quite lovely photos considering the subject!

  3. They are lovely pics, but why didn't the photographer wait until those 3 bloody cars had moved out of view.?!? :o)