Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Taming The Gazelle!!!.........

Although the reality of this event has not sunk in yet, but I cannot delay this announcement any further!... Yes the pictures are real, and YEEEEEESSSSS!!!! As of last week I am a proud owner of a 1968 Singer Gazelle!!!....... I give you few moments here so you can wipe that drool, and bring your jaw back to the close position. ;) ok, now when you’re ready continue below:

The car was purchased from Newcastle, UK. After few weeks of intense planning the Gazelle arrived in Baltimore on May13th. First of all, I need to extend my sincere thanks to my friend Nic. Not only he helped me throughout this acquisition, but also agreed to come along with his FJ Cruiser to help with the towing. He was so excited about this trip he even forgot to pack some essentials... you know, things like socks and underwear... ;)

Nic and I arrived in Baltimore on Saturday, picked up the U-Haul trailer on Sunday, and by mid Monday I had the car cleared through customs and port authorities. It was around midnight when we got home, unhooked the Gazelle from the trailer and took it for a little spin, neither of us could believe how quite and smooth the ride was!...

A bit more about the Gazelle:
One lady owner for 42 years!... The car was her Valentine’s Gift (British V5 registration date is Feb 14th 1968). I purchased the car from the 2nd owner, which I also need to thank here for being very helpful to us. The car has done 60K original miles, and is in beautiful condition. We are going to try and confirm this, but according to some sources there are only handful of Singer Gazelle (Arrow Body) has survived.

Thanks for reading!


  1. The car looks just in amazing condition! Good Find Shahin!...

  2. Congrats! Glad to see you finally found one.

  3. Congrats!! What *exactly* are your plans for her?

  4. Tabriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiik


  5. congratulations shahin
    Beautiful car.


  6. Can't wait to see the scissor door conversion!
    Nice ride, I thought you'd never do it!

  7. Huge congratulations :)
    Wish you have great time in it :)

  8. Thanks Yall for the comments!

  9. Eival Shahin :D

  10. Congratulations Shaahin :)
    It looks beautiful, and it reminds me of the one your parents had, right?


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