Wednesday, February 2, 2011


The Hillman Hustler (I still can't get over the name!) was an Australian model only, it was the equivalent of the British Hunter GT.

Around 1970 the Hunter GT had its name changed to Hustler in an attempt to confuse the insurance companies who were involved in an anti-GT campaign at that time. As well as the decorative decals, the Hustler is improved by having the suspension lowered to improve the car's handling.

Photo is from: Travis Owen


  1. now you have me I get this or the station wagon?!

  2. Chrysler Australia's model matching to their Valiant range.
    'Pacer' - Hunter 'Hustler'
    'Regal' - Hunter 'Royal'
    '770' - '660'
    They also must have found a box of 'Sceptre' badges as these ended up on the Royal 660.