Monday, February 28, 2011

Singer Hunter

So here is an interesting fact: Rootes Group acquired the "Hunter" name from Singer Motor Company. The Singer SM1500 was the first car produced by Singer after WW II. It was launched in 1948, and had an overhead camshaft engine, very unique for it's time. But in 1954 the car was re-branded as the Singer Hunter. The Singer company was heading for bankruptcy though, and was taken over by Rootes Group in 1956.
The Hunter name was then revived by Rootes for our beloved Arrow Series, in the form of the Hillman Hunter!


  1. ooo la la ...I like this. Especially the color, I love anything olive! ; )

  2. Olive... Hmmmm... Lana-Lu! When are you goign to give me some Olive! Ha?! ;)