Friday, February 11, 2011

Breaking News: THIS JUST IN!

Breaking News Everybody! The Hub-Cap has been released!!! I know that y'all been worried to death over this, but we can all breath easily now!
Got picked up by Spider Dadoo’s men, blindfolded then taken to his hide-out place in the middle of the night. I was warned about his taste in funny looking trousers, and that I should keep a straight face when I see him! So I did… It was hard to believe that I was in his presence finally. I handed the agreed ransom (compiled of HotWheels cars & a pair of Gangster trainers), I brought myself up to ask for a hand-shake though, which to my delight he agreed to. I don’t remember the rest except that I regained consciousness in front of my hotel with a bump on back of my head, and the Hubcap laying next to me !... ;)


  1. Congratulations! ;)

  2. Wow well done Shahin,
    I'm sure this sudden decision to release the Hub-Cap has got something to do with the recent middle east unrest?
    I admire your bravery. ¦;-)