Thursday, March 1, 2012

Imam Reza

The car in the middle is the 1966 version of Rambler American by AMC which was produced in Iran from 67-74 in two different trims (Aria & Shahin). Yes, there was a car over there named after me! :)

Imam Reza Shrine, Mashhad taken in 1975 by: CanadaGood


  1. My mom's first car was a Rambler American! I would love to own a Rambler Scrambler. A rambler Shahin would be cool also!

  2. my dad bought a new aria on 1350(1971)and still driving it in bushehr.pretty solid car and kind of luxurios(power window&a/c,leather seats).in past 40 years with more than 850k kilometers on it and the engine has been rebuilt only once.used to make great cars,not any more thou.before i forget since our main focus is on paykans here my uncle bought a new paykan dlx on 1355(1977)and drove it for over 600k kilometers before touching the engine.amazing cars.paykan(the ultimate driving machine)not those soulless german cars.

    1. Seriously? Your dad still has the Aria? That is Awesome!... Seriously with 850K Kilometers that is 531K Miels!!!!... Incredible!... You need to contact Guinness World Records!...
      And your Uncles Paykan with 600k Kilometers, without engine rebuilt? WOW! You got any photos of your Uncle's Paykan, I would love to feature it here! Thanks for checking my Blog!

  3. yes,actually paykans with 600k or 700k kilometers on meter is not unheard of.i personaly know afew guys in our neighbourhood who own paykans with that kind of kilometer.not to mention those 1725cc engines(motor abi)are as tough as many japanese or european engines so with the right owner that is quiet possible.but paykans that has been made after 1981 are total peace of the end may god bless all paykan baz ha.