Friday, March 9, 2012

Goldie GLS

Photos recently uploaded by: UKPASEOCLUB: "The gold one on the top, was Mums 'Goldie GLS'. She still has the badge she made for it too. it was cut exactly to the same shape as the GLS badge plate, and had Goldie painted on it in fancy font. The red GLS belonged to Mum's boyfriend car. Mums friend at work had another coloured Hunter, her boyfriends friend had another colour, his brother had another colour and a friend of our families had another colour too. They used to meet up at the Merry Monk in West Monkton, Taunton most Sundays for lunch, just to see them all parked in a line in the carpark."

How much I would love to see a photo of that Hunter gathering!... Thanks UKPASEOCLUB for the uploads!...

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  1. Hey, Shahin.

    Great to see mums Goldie on the blog, I have told her to ask one of the other owners next time she sees one. One of them must surely have a photo or two? Mum never took one herself, but as with any car meet, someone will!

    I will be sure to message you on Flickr should the photo arise, I will also post up any other photos I come across of both Goldie and the Red Hunter. Also, I will dig out that Goldie GLS badge plate we have.

    I can't remember if I mentioned it before, but because the Hunter had only 4 gears, some of the other owners (within their little meets) had installed an Overdrive toggle, much like an indicator stalk, to add in respect, a fifth gear. It did prove to add a little more power too!

    All the best,