Friday, November 16, 2012

Huntsville-Madison Airpot

Check out what I bought on Ebay! A Sunbeam Arrow parked next to a Lotus Elan at the Huntsville-Madison County Jetport located 15 miles from Huntsville, Alabama. My guess is photo was taken between 1969-70.

Perhaps the Arrow driver had an affair with the Lotus driver, and off they flew somewhere romantic. ;)


  1. great find my opinion the most interesting post so far this year.where all those arrows gone is a huge question mark in my mind?my neighbour in san diego bought a 4 door arrow on 1969 from a dodge dealer for less than 2 grand&drove it for 25 years&300 k miles on it without the need of rebuilding the motor,i was at his place this morning&he showed me several photos of his arrow.thanks,shahab.

    1. Dear Shahab, thank you for your comment. I would love to see the photos of your neighbors' Sunbeam Arrow. That is an incredible mileage on that engine, although Chrysler/Rootes fitted the north American spec Arrows with a cast iron head to make them more durable. Please send me an email