Tuesday, November 20, 2012

London Cabbie

You got love Massoud's enthusiasm, he purchased this Humber Sceptre a while ago and had it totally redone and painted in a bright orange Paykan Taxi style!... This being a comprehensive Chrysler/Rootes Arrow series blog, I had to make a post about this Tehran Taxi in London, even though I am a purist when it comes to cars; I like originality (Paykan Taxis were never in Sceptre trim, they were very basic). For more check out this nice video and also this interesting article and slide show over at JadidOnline.

Massoud is planning to use this orange cab for charity work and I salute him for that! I'm sure he is putting a lot of smile on Iranian's faces over in London.

Agha Masoud Damet Shooma Garm!!!... Please post more photos on your FB page and let us know what your routes are in London so we can catch an orange cab in our next visit! :)

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