Friday, November 16, 2012

Final Encore

Final Encore was a group exhibition which was held at a house in Tehran. An old house that is waiting to be pulled down. Artists have gathered to pay a last tribute to No.29 Ordibehesht St. as a representative of historical houses of this city.

For the past 25 years or so thousands of early to mid-century homes have been demolished for new developments in Tehran, it is very sad indeed to witness this destruction. I was so blown away by this exhibition and wanted to share it here; in one of the rooms they were projecting some lovely vintage films from the family who owned the house and of course I could spot some Paykans! :)

Few days ago I sat down with Joubeen and Sogol (residents and organizers of the event) at No.29 Ordibehesh St. and we had a lovely chat about the house and car-culture in Iran, they were so kind enough to provide me a copy of the family footage so I could go through them and fish out the Paykans! :)

I found some interesting examples, perhaps a Paykan Javanan with the optional non-functional hood-scoop, and a very early Paykan with the Singer/Sunbeam front grille.

I want thank Sogol & Joubeen again for their dedication and enthusiasm. Somehow though I'm still hopefull that this lovely house survives the wrecking ball!...