Thursday, October 10, 2013

Final Encore 2

After 6 months of planning and hard work "Final Encore 2" group exhibition will be open to the public tomorrow at Dastan's basement Don't miss it!

These days in Iran uncertainty in social, economical and cultural fronts has created changes, none of which are relevant to the past. Consequently a lack of identity is innate in these transformations.
A thirst for modernity mixed with imported ideas not loyal to our past beliefs, is going to build a future far from our imagined utopia.  

The idea behind the first "Final Encore" was developed at the time when Tehran has been experiencing a construction boom like never seen before. In this urban renewal there are no longer any space left for the beautiful mid-century brick dwellings with shallow pools and persimmon trees in their courtyards. "Final Encore" created an occasion for appreciation and a show of gratitude.

In the meantime, a stage was set for "Final Encore 2" by finding a half burned PAYKAN (1970 model, dark blue) at a junkyard, we found similarities between those brick houses and Iran's national car, which carries in itself the bitter sweet memories of at least four generations of Iranians. Both the homes and the PAYKAN are now widely forgotten.

We decided to breathe a new life into its metal body in order to recollect some of its memories.   

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