Friday, October 25, 2013

Final Encore II Report

Finally got a chance to upload some photos for you from the Final Encore II group exhibition that I co-curated with my dear friends Sogol Kashani & Joubeen Mireskandari. The show was a HIT!.... It was an incredible experience for me and I got to work with some amazing people along the way. I want thank Hormoz Hematian & the rest of the staff at Dastan's Basement Gallery.

For the brochure/poster of this event and the statement please check this link.

Photos by: Nathalie Taleghani 

In the order of pictures above:
Artist: Namdar Shirazian
Title: Eyezzzzz

Artist: Alireza Masoumi
Title: Carrying a fire extinguisher is required

Engine Bay:
Artist: Sogol Kashani
Title: Empty Bay

Interior Space:
Artist: Wahed Khakdan
Title: Bread & Steel

Rear Glass:
Artist: Mina Bozorgmehr & Hadi Kamali Moghadamm
Title: Once upon a time Tehran-J

Left Doors:
Artist: Joubeen Mireskandari
Title: Injured

Artist: Reza Sharifi
Title: Look Back

Artist: Samira Alikhanzadeh
Title: Objects in the mirror are farther than they appear

Front Right Door:
Artist: MAD
Title: The Window

Artists: Adel Younesi & Zahra Shafie
Title: One way street

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