Saturday, January 29, 2011

Orange Juice

Either a 75 or 76 Hillman Hunter, in true 70s color! Photo by: bandd_uk


  1. Hi. I know this car. It is a 1976 Hunter Super, manual 1725 with an overdrive conversion being worked on. Black interior. The body colour is Apricot with an aftermarket vinyl roof added by the Rootes dealer shortly after the customer took delivery (perhaps he found there to be too much 'orange' going on). The wheels are non-standard (they are Capri Rostyles, where the correct ones have a little less offset, but the centre caps and wheelnuts are correct). The car had around 38K miles when this was taken. Some bodywork and tidying around the sills and arches, but otherwise still largely original paint. Cheers

  2. oh and by the way the dubious blokes in the background owned the orange truck parked next to it. That thing had a big V8 in it and got a lot of attention.