Sunday, January 16, 2011

Hunter & Roses

This beautiful Hunter GLS was among joe1600's Dad old cars. This picture was taken around 1982, car looks absolutely fabulous!


  1. Nice to see my old GLS. This was the second of two I owned. A 1972 car it was originally metallic green and I liked Ford Signal Amber at the time hence the colour. I restored the car over nine months. Howdens of Harrogae supplied many new “clearance” panels during the Peugeot / Talbot take over. The wheels shown in the picture were magnesium Minilites later changed for Superlites. Holbay did all the head work, rebuilt waterways, porting, matching, chamber balancing and larger valves. Holbay also supplied the mild road cam. Jim Brunning of Hubberton built the engine and GRV Littleborough set it up on their rolling road and added a pair of micromesh air filters. It produced a solid 100 bhp at the rear wheels with a calculated 130 bhp at the flywheel. I part exchanged it for a 3.0 S Capri in 1984.

    1. Wow! Amazing specs! Thank you for your detail explanations! You got any more photos of your GLS?...

    2. Thanks for your interest. I have a few more photographs of both my GLS’s; I’ll post if I can find them.