Tuesday, January 11, 2011


I have received a Ransom Video some time ago, and the valuable object being held up is an original Hub-Cap, which was purchased by myself for my beloved Gazelle, but under mystifying circumstances has been fallen in the hands of bandits! The hostage taker has identified himself as “Spider Dadoo” and we are currently negotiating the ransom’s terms and conditions. Please! There is no need to alert any law enforcement officials here, as I have been told that Spider Dadoo is a person you don’t really want mess around with! He has already threatened to use it as a snow sled if I don't meet his demands!...

It is difficult times here at PH Headquarter, please keeps us in your thoughts and prayers, we are hoping for a quick resolution to this act of sabotage!... :@


  1. He looks so serious with his demands!!! ;-)

  2. Don't give in to their demands! ;)

  3. LOL... He is just so cute! Give him whatever he wants, come on now!

  4. Oh my god, is he the real Spider Dadoo?
    I think you should pay the Ransom immediately. I saw a documentary about him the other day in BBC and I can tell you that what you've heard about him is right, he is not a kind of person you can mess around with.
    If you delay the ransom, not only you have to deal with him but also with all the other kids in his local playground.
    Using the cap as a Snow Sled is only the first step. next time you delay it he might use it to start a frisby tournament for his followers in east Oxford. And don't forget to employ at least another 10 security guards for your head quarter immediately.
    I'll pray for you my friend.