Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Arrow Replica

This is a Sunbeam Arrow replica, if you believe it or not. The car originally was a Hillman Minx, the owner has even gone to the extent of convering it from RHD to LHD, Amazing really! It is the only Sunbeam Arrow in the UK.
Special thanks to Albert S. Bite for the information. Additional photos by: payman777

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  1. Actually the British Hillman Minx (a UK car) was exactly the same as the Sunbeam Arrow (North American version). On the Chrome badges would be different. The base model of Arrow came with rubber mats and a plastic dashboard. The next trim level had carpets and chrome mouldings which ran from the front fenders back to the truck lid. The deluxe model had a wooden dash and round gauges. I have owned 2 Arrows, both 1969 models. When the last one was scrapped when it was 18 years old, it still had its original Lucas headlamps. Would love to own one again. jsmclean60@yahoo.ca