Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Elegant Arrows

The Rootes Arrow Series is being referred to by the name of its most prolific model, the Hillman Hunter. But Rootes Group launched the series with 4 Brands (Hillman, Singer, Humber & Sunbeam).

Starting from the entry models like the Hillman Minx & Singer Gazelle, then moving up-market to the Hillman Hunter & Singer Vogue, and then finally to the posh Humber Sceptre MKIII. Then they re-badge all of the above as Sunbeams for the export market, like the Sunbeam Arrow for the US.

…and then toward the later production years the Hillman Hunter was renamed as Chrysler Hunter (I know that your head is spinning by now but I’m almost done here bear with me...), so then you add Paykan and the Dodge Husky pickup (sold in South Africa only) to the list, the total comes to 7 different Brands! Now that is one remarkable Badge-Engineering achievement, isn’t it? ;)

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