Sunday, December 16, 2012

Abbas' 50

I was walking near Tajrish the other night when I spotted this car across the street, I just had to talk to the man behind the wheel. His name is Abbas and this is his 1350 (1971) Paykan. He has driven Paykans all his life and uses this car daily as a main source of income to support his family.

To my amazement Abbas knew a lot about Rootes and other Arrow series models, he has collected many parts through the years and he is a purist! He doesn't like lowering his cars or using non original parts. We had a lovely chat that night, and since he had no other passenger he dropped me off and gave me a set of "Paykan" door badges as a gift! :) We exchanged numbers I wanted to set up a time so that I could take photos of his car in daylight, which we subsequently did in a rainy day.

These days you just don't see these early Paykan with wooden-dash in a daily-use like this, I mean for goodness sake the car is almost 42 year old and is running like a clock, incredible really! Can your delicate Dolomite do this? can your frail Barchetta do this? furthermore can your feeble SD1 do this? Of-course not, they can't hold a candle to the mighty Arrow series! ;)

Special Thanks to Abbas for his time!...


  1. my dad is still driving his 1346 paykan in shiraz with round headlights(like sunbeam)which he bought new for 16000 tomans.last year i went to iran&offered him to buy a new samand but he said over my dead body,i will drive this till my last day.i was planning after buying him a new car to ship the car to california to use as my daily driver but things did not go the way i planned.thanks.shapour.

    1. Dear Shapour! I would LOVE to see photos of your dad's Paykan, please please send me some photos! Those early 46 model years with round lights are so rare!.... I would appreciate it if you can send me the photos to this email:

  2. Pretty neat! Keep collecting stories and photos like this!

  3. Wow !! finally you saw abbas 50 and his car !!!

    congratulation sir !