Friday, December 14, 2012

Man with a Pipe & Sceptre

"A small collection of photos featuring Humber Sceptre registration number YMG 333H turned up a while ago, the best of which are shown above. The car dates to 1970, and spent its early years in the South East of England. The first image is a head-on shot of the Humber, with its pipe-smoking owner stood alongside his metallic green motor-car.

The Humber Sceptre Mk3 went on sale in September 1967, the last ever Humber model to be produced. For the first couple of years, the Sceptre was produced at Ryton, but in 1969 was transferred to Linwood. Production of the well-specified Humber continued until 1976, by which time a mild update had been performed on the three-box saloon. It wouldn't be until 1974 that a handy estate version of the Sceptre would join the line-up, also the year that the subtle facelift was introduced to both versions, with larger chrome bumpers.

Evidently the couple shown in the photos above were pleased with their Mk3 Humber Sceptre, as its replacement was another almost identical car, albeit now an example of the facelifted version. This car was registered GLR 539N. Compared to the car above, the later car's revised chrome trim, and the Rostyle wheels, are clearly visible. The first in this next batch of photos is almost a carbon copy of the previous photograph, the location matches, and the same two ladies are stood once again with the Humber."

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