Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Big in Japan

One lucky bastard on Ebay got this one before I could bid! :( I don't have any other information about Arrows in Japan except this brochure, if you know anything please share it here.

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  1. I'd guess the date as late 67/early 68 as the brochure had pre-Sept 68 Imps in it as well. Looks locally produced, not an adapted UK brochure. also noted that normal UK Hillman/Singer/Humber brands used, not export Sunbeam. Unconfirmed, but my impression is that UK brands remained for RHD UK exports to many Pacific rim destinations, especially with English-speaking habits such as HK, Singapore etc. Exports to J may well have been part of that system. I was completely unaware of Rootes sales in J until this brochure appeared, but there were some late 60s-early 70s channels for other UK such as Cortinas and Minis. However these halted when J imposed very strong emissions regulations in about 72 or thereabouts.