Saturday, December 29, 2012

Greenest Grass

A green Hillman Hunter GLS on a green grass on a misty morning, what a majestic sight!... :)


  1. Off-topic, but a German-Iranian artist, Anahita Razmi, has created an art project featuring a Paykan.

    The Installation “The Paykan Project” consists of an imported Paykan, the most common car in Iran and a mixed-media installation, composed of export papers, documents and a videoloop. In october 2010 I bought a used Paykan in Tehran and transferred it in a difficult two months overland journey from Iran to Germany.

    It seems that the Paykan Project is currently on show in Stuttgart.

    1. Dear Gag,
      Thank you for your comment. I have met Anahita personally few weeks ago, and I kow all about her Paykan Project, I shall make a post about it very soon. Thanks for visiting my Blog! Cheers.